Grade Seven: Graphing calculators

Seventh graders have been aware that they will need to have graphing calculators for eighth grade.  Ms. Shalini has just sent an e-mail message to all (former!) seventh graders and their parents with information about the required model.  Please look for it.

Remember, if you can find it (and it is cheaper) while you are traveling over the summer, you should buy it.  There is no requirement to buy the calculator from the school.  The requirement is to have one.

Summer vacation

Dear Parents,
It’s officially summer vacation (but you already knew that!).I have enjoyed working with your son or daughter this past year.
Over the break, you can be your children’s best math teacher.  That does not mean that I am asking you to do any kind of tutoring.However, there is so much that you can do in your normal family life.  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.  At the end, I have put some internet links that you may also find useful.
A key point to remember is that the things you do together should be natural.  Look at “problems” as you see or use them.  Don’t make up artificial situations just to “challenge” your children.  It is also important to listen to your children’s thinking.  It may not be the same as yours, but see if it makes sense.  Finally, you don’t have to try to take advantage of every situation.  You don’t want them to feel as if doing something with mom or dad will always means a math lesson!
Point out to your middle schooler how math is being used al…

Grade Seven: Body work

Seventh graders have been building an understanding of ratios by looking at their own bodies.  They have been investigating if the ratios between certain body parts is consistent for all.  Here are a few photos of data collecting in today's class.


Dear Students,

Math text books will need to be returned this week and next.Please note the date that your class will be returning books. Bring your book to class on that date.
Be sure that the book is in the same condition that you received it.Lost or damaged books will have to be paid for.
Return dates: 6: Math 1: Thursday, May 24 6: Math 2: Friday, May 25 7T: Monday, May 28 7I: Monday, May 28

Grade Six: Math 2: Homework answers

The answers for today’s homework are below:
1a. 3n 1b. 2n + 1 1c. 2n + 5 1d. 4n + 1 1e. 5n – 2 1f. 3n + 4
2a. 2a + 2 2b. x + 3 2c. 4c + 3 2d. 7d – 3 2e. 6h + 2 2f. 8n - 2

Math and the movies

You are probably pretty familiar with the movies put out by Pixar Animation Studios.Their most popular creations are the Toy Story films, the Cars films, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out.
Pixar has teamed up with Khan Academy to explain how math (as well as science and the arts) is important in creating their films.Take a look at this introduction video!I’m sure you will like it (even if you are not interested in the math part).
I have not watched the whole series.However, I liked the ones I have watched, I have read good reviews about the program, and I have confidence in the kind of work that the Khan Academy does.
A direct link to the Khan Academy for the series is at you want to go through the Pixar site, the link is at Pixar site also lets you know more about the company--including informa…

Grade Six: Math 2: Study Guide

Sixth graders in Math 2 will have a test on pre-algebra concepts on Wednesday, May 23.The test will be assessed through Criterion A, Knowing and Understanding.
Key concepts to understand are: VocabularyRecognizing termsSimplifying expressionsIdentifying patterns and expressing them algebraicallyEvaluating expressions

Sixth graders, here is where you can find study information…
Your notebook If you have been taking notes during our work and discussions, this should be your best source of information.
Websites Like terms.This site has an explanation with some practice problems at the end.
Mathematical Properties.This site reviews the properties that we commonly use in solving algebraic problems.There are some practice problems at the end of each description.
Parentheses/brackets. Here is a review of how parentheses are used.There are some practice problems at the end. https://www.…