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Grade Seven: What we are doing

The seventh grade’s first unit is an investigation of rational numbers.  
We have begun with a review of integers—what they are and how to compute with them.  Students reviewed what they remembered and looked at a variety of sources to relearn what had been forgotten.  They consolidated their understanding into a handbook about integer use for future students. 
Our look at rational numbers will focus on what they are and  how they relate to each other.   We will use a variety of math tools and games to also build an understanding of why the patterns associated with integers work the way they do. Here are photos of some of the seventh graders in the process of publishing their handbooks.

New school year! New blog!

Welcome to my blog!
This is the 2017-18 edition of my official sixth and seventh grade math blog.  I will be adding to this periodically with news and photos of what is happening in class.  I will also post study guides and materials to support what we are doing in class.   Occasionally, I will share articles or information that may not be directly related to what we are doing but that I think will be interesting to my students or their parents.
Please check back for news and more.  Bookmark this page or sign up for e-mail updates.  (Note to families of last year’s TIS sixth graders, this is a new URL.)
Below are some photos of students at work in our first week.
I look forward to meeting many of you parents at the Secondary Meet the Teachers event on Wednesday afternoon!
Mr. Hughes