Grade Seven: Study Guide

Test?  What test?
The test on rational numbers for 7T is on Wednesday, November 1; and 6I’s test will be on Thursday, November 2.

You will be assessed for Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

Be sure to bring a silent reading book with you for if you finish before others.

Key ideas to know:
For this test you should be able to explain:
  • What is a rational number?  What is an irrational number?
  • What does a fraction tell us?
  • What does a decimal number tell us?
  • How do we name a fraction or decimal number?
  • What are the "Famous Fractions" and their decimal equivalents?
  • How do we convert between fractions and decimal numbers?
  • Where do rational numbers go on a number line?
  • How does one rational number compare to another?  How can we tell which is larger or smaller?
  • How can benchmarks be used to understand the value of a rational number?
  • What do the different vocabulary words we learned mean?
  • How can we simplify a fraction (or reduce or put it into lowest terms)

How can you get ready?
Go through your notebook.  If you have been taking organized notes, this should be a great source.

Look in your textbook:
·         Some of the explanations will be different from how we looked at them in class.  However, they are correct.  If in doubt, use the information from your notebook first.
·         Fractions: Chapter 4: pp. 78-82
·         Decimal numbers: Chapter 6.  P. 116-120; 128-131. 

Play some of the games we learned in class.

Look at IXL: 
  • B: Any of the activities. 
  • C: Any.  C2 uses counters (they work the same way as when we used the cubes). C5 is good practice with story problems.  C9 is looking for answers but you need to be thinking about the order of operations. 

Here are a few links that can help with your review:


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