Grade Seven: Test info

Dates have been set for a test for seventh graders.  7T will take theirs on Wednesday, November 1; and 7I will take theirs on Thursday, November 2.

The test will be a look at rational numbers.  The focus will be the values of fractions and decimals and how they are related to each other.  Key ideas include:

  • What is a rational number?  What is an irrational number?
  • What does a fraction tell us?
  • What does a decimal number tell us?
  • How do we read a fraction or decimal number?
  • What are the "Famous Fractions" and their decimal equivalents?
  • How do we convert between fractions and decimal numbers?
  • Where do rational numbers go on a number line?
  • How does one rational number compare to another?
  • How can benchmarks be used to understand the value of a rational number?
Resources for studying will be posted here shortly.


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