Grade Six: Study guide

Test Study Guide
Grade 6: Lines, Shapes, and Angles

6T will have its test on Wednesday, December 13.   6I will have its test on Tuesday, December 12.  You will be assessed for Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

For this test you need to be able to:
·         Identify points, lines, line segments, and rays.  Be able to name them and tell how they are related to each other.
·         Understand parallel and perpendicular
·         Identify and label the types of angles.  You should be able to tell how you know what type of angle each is.
·         Measure angles with a protractor
·         Name angles with three-point notation

How can you study?
·         Look in your textbook: Chapter 3: pp. 48-66.  Try any problems we did not do.
·         Look at the notes you wrote in your notebook.
·         Look at IXL: The following activities will be helpful: CC2, CC3, CC11, and CC12
·         Look at these YouTube clips:
Points, lines, and planes explained

This is a good review of angles—and more.

Need some protractor review?  Look at this.
or this.


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